In a unique twist on most media get-togethers, each year the Creative Cities Convention features the Big City Challenge, an Olympic-style pitch from big cities seeking to hold the event the following year - providing a fantastic opportunity to showcase media activity and talent in different parts of the UK. In 2019 our three selected cities of Glasgow, Newcastle/Gateshead and Nottingham each made a compelling case using video presentations at the convention itself. Glasgow was the winner for 2020.

The Big City Challenge 2021 is now closed for bids.

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What could the Convention bring to my city?

The CCC is a dynamic event that engages creative talent and speaks to anyone involved in the business of growing digital media production across the UK.  This is a chance to present your region or city to an industry that is, by its very nature, designed to hold a mirror up to our society in all its diversity.  It is an opportunity to publicise your local creative media sector, to tell other cities what you’ve got to offer and to attract talent to your area.

Our 300 delegates are producers, broadcasters, freelances, leading speakers and commentators on media matters, politicians, investors and occasional celebrities.  Importantly we always engage with local next-generation talent by offering bursaries for students to attend the convention and working in association with various partners in our host city to deliver high-level masterclasses for students and apprentices.

Furthermore, the Creative Cities Convention is a terrific platform for showcasing your diverse audiences, unique locations and digital/technical/research facilities at a time when the focus of media attention is very clearly shifting away from London, both in terms of growing the sector and better representing UK audiences.

Who will be on the selection panel?

The CCC has an extensive advisory board made up of all the main broadcasters as well as a range of independent producers from across the Nations and Regions.  The Big City Challenge selection panel will be drawn from this advisory board and will consist of one representative from each of our five stakeholders (the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Pact) along with the key conference leaders.

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Big City Challenge 2021 is now closed for bids.