Here’s your opportunity to have a coveted one-to-one meeting with a commissioner! The commissioners come from major broadcasters and span a range of genres.

Anyone who purchases a conference ticket is able to apply and pitch their TV idea. Successful applicants are selected to meet one or more commissioners and chat over their ideas.

Commissioner names and session times for 2023 will be announced shortly. 



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Watch this space for commissioners taking part in our 2023 Meet the Commissioner meetings.

Commissioners who joined us at the 2022 conference included:

Sarah Asante - Scripted Comedy, UKTV

Evie Buckley - Digital, Youth & Entertainment, Channel 4

Emma Cahusac - Arts & Classical Music, BBC

Jo Clinton-Davis - Factual Controller, ITV

Anna Dickeson - Docs, BBC

Clemency Green - Daytime and Features, Channel 4

Steven Handley - Comedy Entertainment, Channel 4

Dan Louw - Commissioning Editor, Channel 5

Alex McLeod - Daytime, BBC

Kit Morey - Factual, Channel 5 and Paramount Plus

Emile Nawagamuwa - Factual and Fact Ent, UKTV

Daisy Scalchi - Religion, BBC

Denise Seneviratne - Factual, Channel 5 and Paramount Plus

Paul Testar - Drama, Channel 5 and Paramount Plus


How to apply for a one-to-one meeting with a commissioner

  • Launch of Commissioner One-to-Ones: Wednesday 1st March '23
  • Deadline for online applications: Wednesday 5th April '23
  • Successful applicants informed: Wednesday 19th April '23



Please refer to the FAQs and if you have any further questions, please contact: Susie Townson - [email protected]

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FAQs - How will successful applicants be selected?

The pitches received will be reviewed by the convention’s executive team and commissioners.  Successful applicants will have projects or programme strands which are of current interest to the commissioners who are taking part in the one-to-one sessions.

The successful applicants will be matched to the appropriate commissioner(s) and meetings will be scheduled accordingly during the convention.

Why do you need a video link?

A video pitch is an effective way to let the commissioners “meet” you ahead of your meeting and see your enthusiasm for your project.  It can add context to your pitch and support your written submission, and may be as simple as just talking to camera about your project.  Please note that you must still provide a written outline of up to 300 words.

If you choose not to include a video pitch as part of your submission, we will still consider the written material you provide when making the selections.  There is no penalty for not including a video in your submission.


Can I meet more than one commissioner? Can I pitch more than one idea?

  • If your project is of interest to more than one commissioner then we will try to schedule meetings for you to meet each of the interested commissioners.
  • You may pitch up to two projects but each submission must only have one project outline.  Therefore if you wish to submit a second project, please fill in a separate application form.  If you submit more than two application forms, the latter ones will be disregarded.

Can I choose which commissioner I meet?

We will work with the broadcasters to find you the right commissioner and if your project is of interest then we will match you to the most appropriate commissioner(s).  If you believe that your project would be of particular interest to a specific commissioner, you may include this in your application under project details. However we cannot guarantee matching you to your preferred commissioner or broadcaster.

When will the Meet the Commissioner sessions take place?

  • Timings for 2023 TBC

Will I be told which commissioner(s) I’m meeting beforehand?

  • Yes, we will let you know ahead of the convention which commissioner(s) would like to meet you and when.

Will the commissioner see my pitch before we meet?

  • The commissioners will receive the pitches of all the successful applicants they are meeting.

Can I speak to the commissioner before my meeting?

  • We are not able to connect you with commissioners outside of the sessions at the convention.

What happens after my commissioner meeting?

  • It is up to you to lead your one-to-one meeting and agree any further contact.
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Do I need to buy a ticket to the Creative Cities Convention?

Only convention delegates may attend the Commissioner One-to-One meetings. However, if you do not yet have a ticket when you find out that you have been asked to attend a one-to-one, then you will be able to buy a ticket at that time, if there are tickets still available.