CREATIVE CITIES CONVERSATIONS – our revealing new series of podcasts to keep you company wherever you are. For the first time this year the conference offered a diverse set of podcasts called Creative Cities Conversations.

Podcast 10: True Crime Nation

Content: Silent Witness actor Emilia Fox and criminologist and broadcaster David Wilson discuss the public’s obsession with true crime stories and what it tells us about the nation we are

Guests: Emilia Fox and Professor David Wilson

Podcast 9: What can TV learn from podcasting?

Content: Presenter Janice Forsyth from The Big Light and CEO Jez Nelson from Somethin Else offer thoughts on what TV can learn from podcasting

Guests: Janice Forsyth and Jez Nelson

Podcast 8: The art of immersive storytelling

Content: XR Stories director Damian Murphy and Creative England head of programmes Stephanie Clark explore the future of immersive storytelling

Guests: Damian Murphy and Stephanie Clark

Podcast 7: Coming Home

Content: STV creative director Craig Hunter and comedian, actor and writer Sanjeev Kohli talk to Kirsty Wark about the merits of heading for London to build a career versus staying put

Guests: Kirsty Wark, Craig Hunter and Sanjeev Kohli

Podcast 6: Planet TV - What's our industry doing to tackle climate change?

Content: ITV Director of Social Purpose Clare Phillips and Seadog’s natural history filmmaker Monty Halls consider what TV can do to help save the planet

Guests: Clare Phillips and Monty Halls

Podcast 5: Me, TV and mental health

Content: Producer Adeel Amini and director Stewart Kyasimire discuss their shared determination to improve mental health and diversity in the TV industry.

Guests: Adeel Amini and Stewart Kyasimire

Podcast 4: Voices of the future

Content: YouTube’s Luke Hyams and E4’s Navi Lamba discuss the new voices who are changing the face of the TV industry.

Guests: Luke Hyams and Navi Lamba

Podcast 3: The masked singer unmasked

Content: Stuart Cosgrove in conversation with the producers behind hit Saturday night entertainment format The Masked Singer.

Guests: Stuart Cosgrove, Daniel Nettleton and Derek McLean

Daniel Nettleton

Podcast 2: My heart belongs to Scotland

Content: An inspiring guide to Scotland’s Screen sector.

Guests: Kirsty Wark talks to Screen Scotland’s Executive Director Isabel Davis

Podcast 1: Launch show

Content: Kirsty and Ruth preview this year’s event plus what’s coming up in the podcast series.

Guests: Kirsty Wark and Ruth Pitt in conversation